Electricity in the House

10 Things That Make Daniel Flynn an electric Master of Ceremonies

  1. Daniel knows how to keep the electricity flowing in the room. He has a knack for reading the audience.
  2. He comes prepared: knows how to open your event, what you want to achieve during the event, makes transitions easy for speakers with prepared notes, and is savvy at the end he know how to make a close leaving your guests feeling good.
  3. Dan’s known for his witty, good humor. He makes people smile, giggle and bust a gut. 
  4. Daniel has a way with making every one feel welcome and appreciated. He knows how make sponsors or hosts feel proud and a necessary part of the event.
  5. Dan is a master and flow and timing: an event on time is stellar event.
  6. Tech issues? Late guests of honor or speakers? Dan is a natural at improv. He can make an “inconvenient” situation seem like, “Hey, no big deal.”
  7. He’s attention getting style keeps your audience focused and clear on what’s happening next.
  8. Daniel is that guy who will do the extra thing before or after your event to make it special for your guests and easier on you.
  9. He is humble. Daniel isn’t about being the star is he is about making the event amazing.
  10. Daniel is more than just an MC. He’s also a talented musician. He can break out a guitar and blow them away with sing-along songs or ear-catching on-the-spot improv lyrics. Your audience will be on the edge of their seats! 

Cut to the Chase:
Daniel Flynn is professional, prepared and clever. He's a fun, musical, improv artist that creates room riveting electricity. Learn more

Hire Daniel Flynn. You’ll be happy you did.

If you are looking for an MC that can effortlessly capture and hold the attention of an entire
room, Flynn is it!
— M. Wright
Daniel knows how to read a crowd.
— S. Palazzo
He’s a true artist and comedian. His energy mixed with his ability to engage and entertain make him the perfect MC!
— J. Forti

He’s dynamic, high energy, funny, playful, and has a speaking voice that carries well in a room. He is attuned to the group and can make it personal when needed.
— H. Jordan